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weird smell from dryer

  • Laundry detergent fumes coming from my vents, dangerous .

    I've had my tumble dryer for about a year and I do all the things you're supposed to do, like cleaning the filter out after every use and emptying the water, but today when I used it the room was filled with a weird smell and it's still there now, it's a really strong smell that I can't liken to anything else!

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  • My Clothes Smell Funny After Coming Out of the Dryer .

    The moldy smell in your dryer could be a result of leaving wet clothes in the dryer too long or built-up lint that has become damp and moldy. It's best to get rid of the moldy smell before the .

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  • Why do my clothes smell weird after drying them? | Yahoo .

    Mar 31, 2012 · I smell is very strong when I open the dryer( the smell is in the laundry room after a load of clothes have been dryed) before and after I have dryed a load of clothes. There is no smell on clothes after they come from the washer. The chemical smell s very strong when I oper the dryer, especially after a load of clothes has been dryed.

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  • Why Does My Clean Laundry Smell Bad? - Simplemost

    The weird thing is, I'm the only one who smells it. I'd say the only item of clothing that doesn't smell are my jeans. All my leggings, whether they're spandex, cotton or polyester, most of my shirts and all my underwear and socks smell. The smell is so strong to me I can smell it while wearing the clothes even though no one else smells it.

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  • weird laundry problem (smell) (2019 UPDATE)

    Jun 10, 2016 · Besides simply cleaning them, one of the main reasons we wash our clothes is to make them smell nice and fresh again. The only problem is that .

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  • How to Remove Musty Smells from the Dryer » How To Clean .

    Dec 14, 2011 · Yea, I couldn't come up with a better intro for this than my title, so. I did. I googled "my dryer smells like fish." It's a strange story, but what here isn't? The last few times we ran the dryer, the entire house was filled with this strange odor.

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  • What could cause kerosene-like odor from a gas oven/range .

    LG Help Library : There is a strange smell coming from my , how can I get rid of it?. Learn about product installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting using our search options.

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  • How to Deodorize a Dryer | Home Guides | SF Gate

    I smell gas when opening the dryer door but do not smell gas when dryer is shut. The dryer vent seems clear as there is good air exhaust. Is this likely a problem with a gas valve shutoff on the dryer or a gas connection to the dryer? - Kenmore Elite HE3 Dryer . Gas smell from dryer when opening the door.

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  • Strange odor in my home - Ask Me Help Desk

    This sounds a little weird, but every time I do my laundry, afterwards they end up smelling bad. The weird part is that I know what I smell like after I've been sweating. When I take them out of the washer, they seem to smell clean and fine. It's when I take them out of the dryer that I notice the smell.

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  • Get that Bad Smell out Your Dryer 🥇 Max Appliance Repair

    The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer is intelligent. It has a clever microprocessor which regulates temperature to help prevent extreme heat damage to protect natural shine. The maximum operating temperature in normal working conditions is up to 105°C/221°F.

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  • A Burning Smell in a Hair Dryer | LEAFtv

    I am getting a strasnge smell from my 2 year old gas dryer. It is not a gas smell. It smells like something is burning. The smell is not overpowering does not cause you leave the room.

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  • 5 Signs it's time to retire your hair dryer – SheKnows

    My dryer has recently taken on a weird odor! I wash our clothes and throw them into the dryer with a dryer sheet and they come out with a stinky smell. I have cleaned out the inside of the dryer and the smell went away; this was about a month ago. Now the strange smell has returned. What is this and how can I prevent this from happening again?

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  • A Kerosene Smell Coming From My Gas Dryer | Hunker

    Jun 15, 2005 · Fabric softener (both liquid and dryer-sheet versions) works by impregnating small amounts of wax into your clothes. The wax reduces static electricity, makes the fabric feel smoother thus softer, and holds the purdy smell from the fabric softener.

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